Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Evidently, the key to surviving the snowpocalypse is frozen pizza...

I stopped by Target this morning - there were a few things I was running low on, but mostly I wanted to get out of the house. I really hadn't left the house since Friday afternoon, and it's supposed to start snowing this afternoon, so I figured it would be my window to get out and get some stuff done.

Predictably, they were low on milk and bread - I managed to snag the last loaf of Archer Farms bread in the store. Oddly enough, they were also pretty much out of frozen pizza. Evidently, that's up there on the list of things that people can't live without in a snow storm.

The roads weren't too bad, although the ones I was on are pretty main ones. Still, there were a lot of places where only one lane in each direction of a 4 lane road was passable, and corners/intersections were treacherous because you couldn't see around the snow piles.


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